The Beautiful Execution of Tame Fly Ecuador Campaign

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tourism is an industry responsible for billions of dollars spent in the world a year. Marketing tourism can be tricky. Everyone has beautiful scenery, interesting activities and their own “unique” destinations. So how do you define a specific area or brand from another? Through creative campaigns. The Fly Ecuador campaign for Tame Airlines is no different. Carrying an overarching theme of flying throughout, the ads are built with simple rich backgrounds, a white border at the bottom with a slight curve to lead your eye through and then some amazing photoshop work throughout! The photos are made up of the people and cities of Ecuador and then made to “fly” with wings made up of fish, buildings, nets, ships and anything in between. The ads carry your eye through each image and leave you wanting more. Did the campaign make you want to go to Ecuador? Or are you just stunned by the visuals and think its massively appealing? Either way, this campaign executes on many of The Principles of Design. You can also check these ads out on AdsofTheWorld.


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